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Posting date Questions
April 2011 Why did the Church choose only the four Gospels when there were others written?
January 2011 Understanding the Bible and what does Adam and Eve mean?
January 2011 How do I interpret John 3:1-5?
January 2011 Why do we read the Old Testament if it is just a book of Jewish history?
January 2011 Can you clear up what the Bible says about Jesus having brothers?
January 2011 I have a question regarding the nature of Wisdom in the Bible.
January 2011 How do we study and interpret the Gospel of John if we can't discern symbolism from truth?
January 2011 Please explain these conflicting passages and why asking God doesn't work?
January 2011 How do I interpret Matthew 5:28 correctly?
January 2011 Was Joshua's success a guaranteed plus?
January 2011 Where is original sin in the Old Testament and will non-Catholic Christians be saved?
January 2011 Who is St. John speaking of in the phrase found in John 1:32-33?
January 2011 If Jesus was wrong on when the Second Coming would occur, how can we trust His Teachings?
January 2011 What was Matthew's Gospel written in and was Peter a Rock or little pebble?
August 2010 Questions on the Scriptures and Catholic disciplines and practices.
August 2010 Why is God's name not in the Catholic's Bible?
August 2010 Is there any mention of "the age of reason" in the New Testament?
August 2010 Why is God plural in the Old Testament book of Genesis?
August 2010 Why aren't the prayer of Mannases and 2 Esdras in the Catholic Old Testament?
August 2010 Based on Matthew's Gospel, why didn't the disciples follow the Masoretic version of the law?
August 2010 Is saying this outside of Mass, at our Bible Study proper, and where is this in Scripture?
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