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Posting date Questions
August 2012 What does Luke 11:27-28 mean in Catholic theology, in relation to the Virgin Mary?
August 2012 Is 1 John 5:16-17 referring to mortal and venial sins, or eternal sin?
August 2012 Why is the surrounding Scripture text from a fulfilled Old Testament prophecy meaningless?
August 2012 What do the Holy Scriptures say about having sex before being married?
August 2012 Did these heretics get the idea of mortifying from 1 Corinthians 9:27 and what did St. Paul mean?
August 2012 Could the words in Matthew 5 translated as woman, lust and adultery mean something different?
August 2012 Are there Scriptures that support these views related to the Book of Life?
August 2012 Why do Protestants reject the Apocrypha?
August 2012 Aren't these passages from Isaiah pointing to Jesus rather than the Pope and why burn Bibles?
August 2012 How does a Catholic respond to atheists who attack God based on His Old Testament cruelty?
August 2012 Where in the Bible does it talk about the Trinity?
August 2012 Can you answer questions on: the significance of describing Jesus as Lord and the Incarnation?
April 2012 Where can I find solid scriptural, Trinitarian references, and explanations?
April 2012 In Mark's gospel, why did Jesus curse the fig tree and who was the young man in Mark 14:51-52?
April 2012 How did mankind and civilization reproduce if Adam and Eve only had two sons, Cain and Abel?
April 2012 What is meant by the "third Heaven" in Paul's letter to the Corinthians? (2 Corinthians 12:2)
April 2012 How should we interpret the phrase, "getting out of Babylon" and which churches are included?
April 2012 If John 3:16 is true, why does one have to be a Catholic; why the contradiction?
April 2012 If knowing who wrote the fourth Gospel or Hebrews is not crucial, who needs Catholic tradition?
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