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Posting date Questions
April 2013 Is what my priest saying about miracles and the multiplying of the fish and bread correct?
April 2013 Where in the Bible does it say performing a ritual makes the act behind it true?
January 2013 Can you explain these biblical passages a Jehovah Witness gave me?
January 2013 Are there any Scriptures that speak on praying to saints, confession to a priest and Purgatory?
January 2013 Can you explain why some Catholic Bible translations include gender-neutral language?
January 2013 Is this a good translation of this Bible passage and can we trust this translation of the Bible?
January 2013 Can you answer some questions about Tradition, the Bible, and Mary in the Church?
January 2013 What is Revelation 1:8 referring to: Jehovah or Jesus?
January 2013 What does the Catholic Church teach us about the Scriptures found in Egypt in 1945?
January 2013 Does the first part of Noah's story give a parent the permission to harshly discipline his children?
January 2013 What does Luke Chapter 21, verse 24 mean?
January 2013 What are some examples of teachings, doctrines or lessons contained in the Deuterocanonicals?
January 2013 Is the wisdom in Proverbs 8:22 referring to Jesus?
January 2013 How could Galatians apply to contemporary Christians and Paul's teachings relate to freedom?
January 2013 Why is the God in the Old Testament different than what Jesus portrays Him as in the New?
January 2013 How many times does the number 40 appear in the Bible?
January 2013 If the Bible teaches us these virtues, why do people assume it also teaches an "eye for an eye"?
January 2013 Since we don't have a Bible Study in our parish would it be OK if I read the Bible on my own plus?
January 2013 If the Messiah of prophecy was foretold to usher an era of Torah observance, why be dismissive?
January 2013 Is it OK to buy [and/or] sell a Holy Bible [to/from] a used bookstore?
January 2013 If Catholics follow the Bible, why do we break the Second Commandment?
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