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Posting date Questions
January 2011 When having difficulties conceiving with my wife, how can explain that anger is inappropriate?
January 2011 While copulating with my spouse are these things OK or am I being too scrupulous?
January 2011 Is there a non-sinful way that I can be tested for fertility?
January 2011 If I've had an abortion, can I ever go back to the Catholic Church and am I going to Hell?
January 2011 We'll be having our second child and were wondering if Tiffany was the name of a Catholic saint?
January 2011 When renewing our marriage vows is it OK to cause one spouse pain in order to please the other?
January 2011 Can you suggest some alternatives for dealing with this sin without offended Him?
January 2011 Did my father terminate life support with the wrong intent and excommunicate himself?
January 2011 What can I do if my wife does not want to get pregnant again without me using a condom?
January 2011 What does this mean in regards to when an abortion can be performed? (Part 1)
January 2011 What does this mean in regards to when an abortion can be performed? (Part 2)
August 2010 Would being a pharmaceutical sales representative be in conflict with my faith?
August 2010 Why won't the Church marry us, if we don't wish to have children?
August 2010 Once procreation is not possible-due to age, what is the teaching concerning sex?
August 2010 Would you participate in an assignment I've been given on the Church's views on abortion?
August 2010 What is so wrong about acting upon natural feelings?
August 2010 If I were to be diagnosed with cancer, is it a sin to refuse any type of treatment?
August 2010 Questions about sex before marriage and our relationship questions with God.
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