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Posting date Questions
January 2012 Can you have a Mass said for someone who has taken his own life and was cremated?
January 2012 Isn't telling people we should marry someone of the same faith, too strict, like birth control?
January 2012 If I become an ER physician, is it a grave evil to administer emergency contraception for rape?
August 2011 When little children die, including stillborn babies and sick babies, do they go to Heaven or Hell?
August 2011 What is the Church's teaching what happens to the souls of stillborn babies?
August 2011 If an unwed man and woman engage in foreplay, without further love-making, is this a sin?
August 2011 If you are an age where you can't conceive, do you still have to end with a conjugal embrace?
August 2011 I'd like to be a Deacon, but I am struggling with on-line sex addictions and sins of the flesh.
April 2011 What is the Catholic Church's stance on removing a reproductive organ?
April 2011 What would Jesus think about a boy going out with a girl?
April 2011 If a veterinarian suggests to euthanize an animal, is it a sin to put them down?
April 2011 Is it considered a sin to kill a man to ease his horrible suffering, similar to life support issues?
April 2011 I'm a convert, but due to genital wart issues my cradle Catholic wife demands I use a condom.
April 2011 Is it irresponsible for us to start a family when I bring so much debt due to my pharmacy degree?
April 2011 Can a woman terminate a pregnancy if the baby is diagnosed with a fatal infantile disease?
April 2011 Does ones libido, biological makeup or sex drive lessen ones culpability of mortal sin?
April 2011 It seems to me that what the Church teaches about sex and NFP contradict each other.
January 2011 Would conjugal relations be a sin if I had my uterus removed to relieve chronic pain?
January 2011 If I medically can't have children, can I have sex with my fiancée and is sex for pleasure OK?
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