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Posting date Questions
August 2012 What should I do if I feel compelled to give up the pill, but my body still needs to be fixed?
August 2012 In planning for our future together, how do I handle her parents and our different faiths?
April 2012 If it's only used to prevent periods, is the Catholic Church against birth control and, if so, why?
April 2012 What options do we have if we wish to remain faithful to the Church's teaching on birth control?
April 2012 Is a firm culpable if they pay for birth control, in accord with USA law, against their conscience?
April 2012 Have we taken our on-line dating relationship too far according to the Church?
April 2012 While living at home, what responsibility do I have towards my parents if I am discerning dating?
April 2012 If my non-Catholic husband refuses to use NFP, is it a mortal sin if we use condoms?
April 2012 If this couple is having a full, rich, sex life are they committing a serious sin in anyway?
April 2012 How do I reply to my spouse and can a case be make that oral sex is OK after childbearing years?
April 2012 Is everyone put on the earth given some type of talent?
April 2012 How can I bring my boyfriend closer to God, if we are in a long distance relationship?
January 2012 Is this a sin seeing my wife has this painful genital illness?
January 2012 Due to my vocation, is it OK for me to use birth control for these medicinal purposes?
January 2012 If artificial contraception is unnatural, why isn't open heart surgery or similar practices reproved?
January 2012 If I helped a woman get an abortion, am I excommunicated and can I get married in the Church?
January 2012 Since we do not wish to have any more children, does this mean we can't engage in sexual love?
January 2012 Would it be permissible to be on the pill knowing that her irregular cycles are due to menopause?
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