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Posting date Questions
January 2014 Can I join the Church if I've had an abortion and my former husband is trying to mess things up?
January 2014 Why are some Catholics against abortion while serving in brutal killing outfits like the military?
August 2013 Can you tell me whether these behaviors are permissible with my enduring, visiting boyfriend?
August 2013 Within marriage is it okay for him to complete the marital act, in other ways, such as oral sex?
August 2013 Am I in a state of grace and what if I forgot to mention a mortal sin from a long time ago?
August 2013 Is it a sin to exclusively date someone if you do not plan on marriage for a period of time?
August 2013 Is it wrong for me to allow my boyfriend to touch me there while we are kissing?
August 2013 How do I tell my Mormon girlfriend that her faith has many false doctrines and false prophets?
August 2013 How should I respond to these arguments against traditional marriage?
August 2013 Is it morally permissible for the state to allow life-saving abortions?
August 2013 Is it okay to only adopt children and why wouldn't birth control be OK in a health marriage?
August 2013 Can't people of the same sex who love each other be productive, loving members of society?
April 2013 How do I learn and defend my Catholic faith and do you have any Mormon dating advice?
April 2013 What do I do if my prayers for a future husband and twins are not being answered?
April 2013 Why Homosexual Unions Are Not Marriages
from our colleagues at Catholic Answers with an appended update.
April 2013 Am I breaking any rules dating a Wiccan man, raised Catholic, who is interested in marrying me?
April 2013 What is the Church's official position on accidental death and is it part of the pro-life movement?
April 2013 What is the Catholic Church's view of my doctor's advice, seeing I'm not trying to get pregnant?
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