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Posting date Questions
August 2014 Could demonic possession pass from one person to another through fornication/intercourse?
April 2014 Can I remove part of my sexual anatomy to relieve chronic pain when it is not life-threatening?
April 2014 Is OK to be pro-choice or should those who hold a pro-choice view leave the Catholic Church?
April 2014 What if my husband, who has suffered from a heart attack, has no desire for intimacy with me?
April 2014 Is it strongly discouraged or even prohibited to date atheists?
April 2014 Can you provide advice on Bible Study, personal, and family issues I am having?
April 2014 As a faithful Catholic can you explain why Nancy Pelosi has not been excommunicated?
April 2014 What does an 18-year-old female virgin do with a high libido and how do I control my body?
April 2014 Why can't she accept me as the Catholic Christian that I am and is our friendship still a blessing?
April 2014 Why, in India, do I have to stay away from the Church and am I unclean to enter the Church?
April 2014 Why do you have to be married to have children?
January 2014 How can God bring this man into my life, just to take him away for the priesthood?
January 2014 Can I join the Catholic Church if I have had a child out of wedlock?
January 2014 In this situation, should we, as a couple, be expected to abstain from relations for two years?
January 2014 Is it acceptable to date a God-sibling if we are not biologically related?
January 2014 Where do the souls of aborted babies go?
January 2014 How serious is it for a Catholic to relieve himself?
January 2014 Do you have any advice seeing my boyfriend is unwilling to have our children raised Catholic?
January 2014 Is there anything wrong with dating a married man whose wife is quite abusive?
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