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Posting date Questions
January 2017 Are Catholics allowed to have surgical or non-surgical procedures for foreskin restoration?
January 2017 As faithful Catholics practicing NFP, are these sexual activities moral and can he help me finish?
August 2016 IIs it alright for a divorcee with a partner, whose annulment is incomplete, to talk about chastity?
August 2016 If they haven't prohibited it, can I get an internet account for a website without my parent's OK?
April 2016 If you fall in love with someone or they fall in love with you, is that from God?
January 2016 Is it sin to have a girlfriend before marriage if you are not having sexual relations with her?
January 2016 If I am a Catholic who is totally into my faith what do I do now that I am seeing a atheist?
January 2016 Why would the Pope limit a declaration which helps so many woman who have had an abortion?
August 2015 Since keeping pure so hard, can we say our vows unofficially until we get married?
June 2015 Is sex before marriage really a sin, should I wait, and is it really worth waiting?
June 2015 Can you provide any opinions, beliefs, feelings, or stances on the topic of abortion for my study?
June 2015 From the Church's view, why is gestational, surrogate mothering a sin and what would you do?
June 2015 What is wrong with showing this human need if showing these other human needs would be OK?
June 2015 Can he do this when we are being intimate with each other, seeing we are open to life and NFP?
June 2015 Can you give me an awesome Catholic reply to these pro-sexual, pro-masturbation statements?
June 2015 Under the doctrine of double effect would using contraception methods be OK to prevent STDs?
June 2015 What's the Church's view on my ex— dropping my last name from an unwanted hyphenated name?
June 2015 Because we don't know our newborn's gender, could Baptism information be changed later?
June 2015 As a devout Catholic woman, what should I do if my Lutheran boyfriend is rejecting my faith?
January 2015 If I contemplated marrying, would using condoms be all right to prevent passing on the HPV virus?
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