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Posting date Questions
June 2015 Under the doctrine of double effect would using contraception methods be OK to prevent STDs?
June 2015 What's the Church's view on my ex— dropping my last name from an unwanted hyphenated name?
June 2015 Because we don't know our newborn's gender, could Baptism information be changed later?
June 2015 As a devout Catholic woman, what should I do if my Lutheran boyfriend is rejecting my faith?
January 2015 If I contemplated marrying, would using condoms be all right to prevent passing on the HPV virus?
January 2015 Will I be forgiven if I didn't know being involved in an abortion was excommunicatable?
January 2015 Can you answer some questions on prostitution and address the benefits of sexual morality?
January 2015 How can a single Catholic who is not married obey God's commandments in Genesis to be fruitful?
January 2015 Will this allow me to get confirmed and married while cohabiting and can I marry an atheist?
January 2015 How can I discern whether a Life Science company is faithful to what I believe as a Catholic?
January 2015 What is allowed so we can be both an intimate and faithful couple and are there NFP alternatives?
January 2015 Is getting sterilized to stop my masturbation habit a sin and is sex after sterilization a sin?
August 2014 Is it against the Catholic faith to take the medicine Medroxyprogesterone (Provera)?
August 2014 Is it OK to use things traditionally used for contraception for non-contraceptive reasons?
August 2014 Can you provide some advice on how to tell her I like her and what are some of the N.W. rules?
August 2014 Are doing ultrasounds for doctors who perform abortions a remote cooperation with evil or more?
August 2014 Is it morally OK to be romantic and copulate with my husband if I am in my NFP safe zone?
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