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Posting date Questions
July 2008 Is having a sex change okay, in the same way people have their nose or thighs surgically changed?
July 2008 Do you have any ideas of how I can share my faith and help those with same-sex attraction?
July 2008 Seeing I struggle with homosexuality and am new to Church ways, did I do my penance correctly?
April 2008 With all this scandal today, is it better to be a gay person or is it better to get married?
November 2007 What should I do when my son is being pulled away by sexually-active, non-Christian friends?
November 2007

Should gay couples or heterosexual couples living together be on my daughter's wedding list?

April 2006 Why do children go without a family because homosexual couples are being passed over?
April 2006 What's your advice for handling my daughter and her atheistic views without losing her for good?
April 2006 Why do I have these feelings and why isn't God listening to my prayers?
June 2005 How would you logically reply to these reasonable-sounding objections in the book of Leviticus?
April 2005 Did Jesus Christ advocate for the acceptance of homosexuality?
April 2005 Can you comment on my doctor's assertion that some people are born gay and cannot be changed?
April 2005 Is a gay culture a common problem among parishes in the Catholic Church in America?
April 2005 Is homosexual or heterosexual fantasies or desires a sin and is Confession necessary?
November 2000 Can you answer questions from a Baptist who knows nothing about your faith but is interested?
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