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Posting date Questions
January 2011 I'm a young Catholic man and another [guy|classmate] has fell in love with me.
August 2010 Are homosexuals sinners, and if so, why; and how should they be treated according to the Church?
August 2010 As a non-religious Christian, will God send me to Hell for being gay and not going to church?
August 2010 What is the opinion of the Church towards bisexuals and homosexuals and do you agree with it?
April 2010 How does a young gay man go about becoming Catholic and how do I answer my atheist friends?
April 2010 If my friend told me he may be gay, should I be happy for him or remind what the Bible says?
April 2010 Can you provide help and information on how to handle my son who just told us he was gay?
January 2010 Why are you against gay marriage when it's better to let gay couples live free and be happy?
January 2010 Should I invite my gay daughter and her partner to stay and let them sleep in the same room?
January 2010 Is the purpose of sex procreation and if so, does this explain why homosexual acts are sinful?
September 2009 Would maintaining a friendship with an actively gay man be the same as tolerating his lifestyle?
September 2009 Can my gay friends be saved if they pray the salvation prayer and can you reply with Scriptures?
September 2009 How should I deal with gay, very liberal, anti-Catholic people who I work with at McDonald's?
May 2009 Does the Bible condemn assisted reproduction and is being homosexual a sin?
May 2009 Am I going to Hell for these thoughts and feelings and because I am attracted to other women?
February 2009 Should I attend a gay couple's civil ceremony?
February 2009 Can attend Mass and receive Communion if I differ over teachings on abortion and homosexuality?
February 2009 Can I still be Catholic while holding pro-gay rights and pro-abortion views?
October 2008 What is the official Catholic view on being gay?
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