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Questions from those contemplating becoming a Catholic.
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Posting date Questions
August 2011 I'm a Baptist women being drawn to the Church and want to raise my family Catholic.
April 2011 As a Catholic who left for the Episcopal church, can I return and receive the sacraments?
April 2011 Considering becoming Catholic but I'm confused over these teachings.
April 2011 I went to Church until I was eight and now want to start practicing the faith again; how do I ...?
April 2011 Can I be baptized and receive Holy Communion if my wife does not wish to join me?
January 2011 I want to become a Catholic but "my wife" wants me to attend her non-denominational church.
January 2011 Can I become a member of the Catholic Church and still be involved in my pentecostal church?
January 2011 What should I do if I'm 16, want to become Catholic but my Protestant parents are freaking out?
January 2011 I was raised Catholic, converted to Islam, but now want to return to the Church.
January 2011 From a confused Catholic trying to come back to the Church
January 2011 I'm an atheist being drawn to the Catholic Church but don't understand why bishops can't marry?
January 2011 VIDEO: Anna's Conversion to the Catholic Church
August 2010 If me and my spouse are Greek Orthodox, what is needed for our children to become Catholic?
August 2010 I want to join the Catholic Church but my wife wants to remain in the [Mormon|LDS] Church.
August 2010 My husband and I are considering joining the Catholic Church but don't know the process.
August 2010 Was I really excommunicated at my age and how do I reconcile with the Church?
August 2010 Can you help me with all these struggles in becoming Catholic?
April 2010 Is living together before marriage something that could prevent me from entering the Church?
April 2010 If I return to the Church, would the Church recognize my marriage and can I fully participate?
April 2010 As a new convert, do you know of any conservative Catholic parish in the Fort Myers, Florida area?
April 2010 Can you tell me how to become a Catholic and does RCIA mean I am not currently a Christian?
April 2010 How does a young gay man go about becoming Catholic and how do I answer my atheist friends?
April 2010 Will I be the only one representing our son's Baptism and what can I do about his father's faith?
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