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Questions from those contemplating becoming a Catholic.
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Posting date Questions
April 2012 How can I learn more about Catholic beliefs and practices and what to do, to become Catholic?
April 2012 Since I'm being drawn to the Church, where can I find someone to talk with who understands?
April 2012 I'm in Afghanistan and would like to become Catholic; how can I do so from here?
April 2012 Are baptized converts who leave the Church and return to their former churches still Christians?
April 2012 Am I allowed to become Catholic at age 18 if I have never been baptized or confirmed?
April 2012 Based on our backgrounds, what do we have to do for our family to become Catholic?
April 2012 Should I be concerned, seeing I want to join the Church, but can't due to college studies and work?
January 2012 Would God punish me for returning to the Church if I don't believe in everything She teaches?
January 2012 If I was baptized in the Church, but raised with Protestant beliefs, am I considered a Catholic?
January 2012 I woke up today with this very strong desire to join the Catholic Church. How can I learn more?
January 2012 What would be the best way for a man to start his true path into the Catholic faith?
January 2012 Seeing I'm willing to become Catholic so I can marry my girlfriend, can you help me understand?
January 2012 How does a Muslim go about fully understanding Catholicism and how do Catholics view Islam?
August 2011 I would like to be married in the Catholic Church but have a fear of being in front of people.
August 2011 Does ones parents have to be Catholic in order for someone to become a Catholic?
August 2011 I'm 20 years old, interested in becoming Catholic, and would like to know where I start.
August 2011 I'm about to deploy overseas and want to join the Catholic Church before deploying.
August 2011 After leaving the faith and joining the Episcopal church for five years, can I return?
August 2011 I'm a 13 year-old Jewish boy, who wants to become Catholic, but my Jewish father won't let me.
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