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Questions from those contemplating becoming a Catholic.
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Posting date Questions
January 2014 Should I convert, even if my spouse is opposed to the idea, and what about our children?
January 2014 As a Baptist being drawn to the Catholic faith, can you address these difficulties I'm having?
January 2014 Will my previous non-Christian practices effect my ability to join the Catholic Faith?
January 2014 Can I join the Catholic Church if I have had a child out of wedlock?
January 2014 Can you tell me the next set of steps if I want to join the Catholic Church?
January 2014 Do I have to believe in all of the traditions and in Purgatory in order to become a Catholic?
January 2014 Are we required to be married in a Catholic Church before I can convert to Catholicism?
January 2014 How do we start our journey to the Catholic faith after being disenchanted with the LDS faith?
August 2013 Can an unbaptized person who cannot receive an annulment still be baptized by a priest?
April 2013 As a Lutheran, or for any non-Catholic, what steps do I have to take to become a Catholic?
April 2013 What if I want to join the Catholic Church but suffer from a severe social anxiety disorder?
April 2013 After leaving the Church to become a Seventh Day Adventist, how do I return to the Church?
April 2013 If I am an Anglican can I just receive Holy Communion or do I need to join the Catholic Church?
January 2013 Can I become a Catholic at age 16 even if my dad and step mom don't like the Church?
January 2013 After drifting from the faith for a while, as a single mother, what steps do I need to return?
January 2013 After being raised Pentecostal, how do I resolve the struggles I am having going through RCIA?
August 2012 How does a 16-year-old become Catholic; do I need to be baptized and can I pray to the saints?
August 2012 Can anyone attend CCD classes, or do you have to be member of the Church?
August 2012 Can you guide a Southern Baptist on understanding the Catholic Church and how we are saved?
August 2012 If I was once Catholic, left the faith but realized it was a mistake, how do I return to the Church?
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