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Posting date Questions
August 2012 What should I do if I'm not even a religious person yet feel the call to become a Catholic nun?
August 2012 Has God permitted this relationship because He is OK with it, or am I simply sinning?
August 2012 How do I fix my hatred for Catholics before it gets me into trouble with law by resorting to force?
August 2012 If I join the Church but my husband doesn't want to, is it possible for my children to be baptized?
August 2012 Please tell me why anyone, who has more than one brain cell, would ever be a Catholic?
August 2012 Which one of us is correct and how much of the Catechism does one have to accept?
August 2012 Why do terrible things happen to good, God-fearing Christians?
August 2012 Can you answer some questions from a confused teenager who wants to find the way to God?
April 2012 I was baptized a Catholic but barely remember anything so am I technically a Catholic?
April 2012 Do I have a correct sense of how to approach a Church teaching I'm having difficulty accepting?
April 2012 Should I work on this project and, if not, how do I decline the work without offending everyone?
April 2012 What are the Catholic concessions for Episcopalians and can you clarify some ecumenical issues?
April 2012 Can you share with me how religion has shaped your life and the challenges to Catholicism?
April 2012 How do I ask for an apology for this abuse and how do you keep the faith in an unstable Church?
April 2012 When and how do I brake complete relations with my former Protestant denomination?
April 2012 Is it a sin to despair or not have hope in life on a daily basis that things will work out?
April 2012 Don't these Scripture passages prove that the Catholic Church has invalidated Herself?
April 2012 Can Marines still go to Heaven if they have killed someone but have returned to lead good lives?
April 2012 If John 3:16 is true, why does one have to be a Catholic; why the contradiction?
April 2012 Can you help a practicing Catholic who is being drawn to Islam?
April 2012 If I read something in a Catholic forum that dissents from teaching, should say something?
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