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Posting date Questions
January 2013 Which of these churches is a better fit when compared to the Catholic faith?
January 2013 I had a great interview today that offers a lot, but what should I do if I was dishonest in areas?
January 2013 What does one do if a Catholic doubts Church teachings but wants to receive the sacraments?
January 2013 Taking into account my spiritual background, why is this terrifyingly embarrassing to me?
January 2013 What is the process for handling first marriages between a Methodist and his Jewish wife?
January 2013 Can you answer some questions from a former Catholic who converted to Atheism?
January 2013 Should I find a Catholic chiropractor, seeing my current chiropractor is a Mason?
January 2013 Why was this his destiny, where was his angel, and how can the parents survive this loss?
January 2013 If I have gay friends who I care about, but don't accept their lifestyle, should I change churches?
January 2013 What could these dreams mean; could they be a sign from God or should I seek medical help?
January 2013 Is it OK for me to surround myself with non-Catholic friends?
January 2013 Since I am Catholic, would I be eligible to watch porn or not?
January 2013 Can you provide any Catholic advice to a husband whose wife has been unfaithful twice?
January 2013 Can you give me any guidance and a word on how the Church may view this entire situation?
January 2013 If I'm on my way to Hell, why give me free will plus why did God create the devil and evil?
January 2013 How do I sent back my baptismal certificate back to the Church and receive confirmation?
January 2013 If I'm lonely and God does not help me, why should I even believe in Christianity anymore?
August 2012 If you are constantly in mortal sin, can demons attached themselves to you and torment you?
August 2012 Would you be open to becoming a Muslim; I would like to invite you?
August 2012 Do you have to be Catholic for a certain number of years before you can become a Catholic nun?
August 2012 As long as you believe Jesus is your Lord, does belonging to any one religion really matter?
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