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Posting date Questions
August 2013 What should I do if I feel equally drawn to both the priesthood and married life?
August 2013 Is the cancer a warning from God to repent or is it just a coincidence?
August 2013 How can I change my daily prayers or practices to accept or diminish these experiences?
August 2013 What if my daughter received First Communion in an Episcopal church but we wish to return
August 2013 Should I get my money back from Satan school?
August 2013 How do I handle having stress, anxiety, and even physical pain after leaving the Confessional?
August 2013 How can He reasonably punish me for thinking about suicide since I'm receiving so much pain?
August 2013 How do I tell my Mormon girlfriend that her faith has many false doctrines and false prophets?
August 2013 Can you tell me if these visions near my fathers death were good angels or bad angels?
August 2013 Since I never knew the truth even after Confirmation can I be unbaptized from being Catholic?
August 2013 If someone had a spiritual visit, how would one distinguish between a good and bad spirit?
August 2013 Since society is changing are these view still wrong and can't the Church let more things slide?
August 2013 If your children will benefit from your death and be better off without you, why not just do it?
August 2013 Will God punish me for attending a Seventh-Day church instead of a Catholic parish?
August 2013 Can we have our future children baptized even without an annulment or interest in the Church?
April 2013 Why don't more people see this simple way of living a Christian life?
April 2013 Since we married outside the Church and can't receive the sacraments should I change faiths?
April 2013 I have been a Pentecostal for a while, so am I still Catholic and what is needed to return?
April 2013 How should a teenage discern their vocation and do you have any tips for praying a novena?
April 2013 Why is the Church more accepting of those not to be married with a child but not gay people?
April 2013 How can we prove God exists through the light of pure human reason?
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