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Posting date Questions
August 2014 How does a one become a practicing Roman Catholic after birth, if my parents are Anglican?
August 2014 Because of social anxiety issues, what would I talk to my priest about to receive the sacraments?
August 2014 As a Catholic, how do I respond to these Messianic arguments from my Reform Jewish girlfriend?
April 2014 Should I lie and hide from my mother my interest in becoming a priest despite her disapproval?
April 2014 In order to avoid fights, should a wife obey her husband by attending a same-sex celebration?
April 2014 What is the Church's view of a Catholic being baptized in another Christian church?
April 2014 What should I do if I married a Catholic priest but now wish to reconcile with the Church?
April 2014 What do I do if I believe in Jesus and Christianity but have lost my job?
April 2014 What would this immoral man have to do to become Catholic and marry this other woman?
April 2014 How do I reply to my non-Catholic friend who is asking me these questions?
April 2014 If I'm a non-Catholic, what procedures and protocols should I observe when I go to Mass?
April 2014 If I haven't received my First Communion do I need RCIA and how do I confront my parents?
April 2014 How do I remove my name as a member of the Catholic Church?
April 2014 What does an 18-year-old female virgin do with a high libido and how do I control my body?
April 2014 Why can't she accept me as the Catholic Christian that I am and is our friendship still a blessing?
April 2014 Can you explain to a SDA what blaspheming against the Holy Spirit is and help me with this sin?
April 2014 Would it be acceptable for me to attend a Catholic Mass even though I have never been to one?
April 2014 Do you have any suggestions that would help me with my sins and help me get closer to God?
April 2014 As a non-Catholic, what should I do if I accidently received Communion when I shouldn't have?
April 2014 Am I a freak who can see dead people or is it normal for me to have these visions and events?
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