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Posting date Questions
June 2015 Can my non-Catholic husband receive if he hasn't taken RCIA but has been to our children's CCD?
June 2015 How bad is it that I couldn't steer away from this sexual temptation?
June 2015 Can't I just masturbate until I'm married and, if I do, will I go to Hell?
June 2015 Can you explain to a former Jew exploring different religions how we know Catholicism is true?
June 2015 Can you answer some questions from a 16-year-old planning to take RCIA classes?
June 2015 Is there anything I can say to an over scrupulous friend who is thinking of leaving the Church?
June 2015 Catholics et al: What's wrong with you people?
June 2015 If I said that I have sold my soul to the devil, is it gone, or can I get it back?
June 2015 Can you help me address the issues my boyfriend is getting from his Protestant minister?
June 2015 What would be a good moral way to deal with the social issues related to Asperger's Syndrome?
June 2015 Can you help me defend my faith against these Islamic arguments and how do I evangelize them?
June 2015 Can our children receive Communion with my husband's RCIA class though they aren't Catholic?
June 2015 Do I have to get re-baptized to return to the Church and be Catholic again?
June 2015 Is it necessary to drudge up that part of my life again by requesting this prying Church paperwork?
June 2015 As a devout Catholic woman, what should I do if my Lutheran boyfriend is rejecting my faith?
June 2015 Since I want to renew my relationship with the Church, how do handle so many sins?
January 2015 With the influence of a college culture, science, no prayer life, and my sex life, what should I do?
January 2015 I recently discovered the Wiccan faith and want to know if I can be both a Catholic and Wiccan?
January 2015 Can you please tell me the patron saint for depression and are there any prayers all of us can say?
January 2015 Because I was not baptized in the Catholic Church do I have to stop receiving the sacraments?
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