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Posting date Questions
January 2018 How can an Anglican receive Communion in such a way that Christ is really present?
January 2018 What exactly are the Church's teachings on child raising, caring for children, and child abuse?
January 2018 What is entailed and how long does it take to receive First Communion and be confirmed?
January 2018 Is this help is from the Holy Spirit or my Guardian Angel and where does Mary sit?
January 2018 Is God asking me to go in a different path or am I incorrectly interpreting these Bible passages?
January 2018 Since I don't wish to be included, if I ask my bishop to excommunicated me, can he tell my family?
January 2018 Are non-believers who are open-minded to other religions allowed to go to Confession?
January 2018 Do you have advice for someone who's seriously been searching for a way to return to the Church?
August 2017 If I don't believe in the faith, how can I find a connection with God and is agnosticism that bad?
April 2017 What should I do if my whole social circle and family prefer talking as if there is no God?
January 2017 How can my daughter politely decline joining my sister-in-law's anti-Catholic Pentecostal group?
January 2017 Is there any way I can fulfill both my vocation as a nun and my vocation as a lawyer with a family?
January 2017 How do I know the angels are protecting me and what should do about my fears of being bullied?
January 2017 Can you guide a non-Christian who believes in Jesus, in Christian teachings, and its spirituality?
January 2017 With a vacillating husband what can I do to keep both my Wedding vows and Baptismal vows?
January 2017 How do I explain the forces at work in my life and eliminate self-love while keeping self-esteem?
January 2017 If possible, can you please respond to every atheistic point of view I have made?
January 2017 How do you know the universe can't be uncaused and why not go with natural, secular reasoning?
January 2017 When a loved one dies tragically does that mean they weren't being watched over by God?
January 2017 Should my daughter observe Christmas if she is marrying a Jewish man and converting to Judaism?
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