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A recommended daily prayer for Christians having a hard time with Marian teachings by Rosalind Moss:
    Lord, if it is your desire and will that your mother become an important part of my growth in holiness as a Christian, then please make a way and a time to introduce me to her and grant me the grace to be responsive to all she has to offer me. Amen.
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Posting date Questions
January 2010 In the Liturgy of the Hours for St. Kolbe, why is there an antiphon for Mary in Evening Prayer?
September 2009 Did Mary, Mother of God suffer a physical death?
September 2009 What mysteries of the Rosary are prayed during Lent and during the other seasons of the year?
May 2009 If Jewish tradition says this about the betrothal period, how can Mary be a virgin?
February 2009 What does the Catholic Church teach about Mary, mother of Jesus?
February 2009 How Marian teachings are not idolatrous and why do we number the Commandments differently?
February 2009 Can you tell a very interested newbie how to hold and pray the Rosary and how to use the beads?
February 2009 Why such extreme veneration of Mary calling her Queen and what does cause of salvation mean?
February 2009 Would there be anything wrong with placing Rosaries in mailboxes with contact information?
February 2009 Are the lyrics to the song, Mary, Did You Know? doctrinally correct?
October 2008 Why do we call the Mary, the Virgin Mary, when she had children after Jesus?
October 2008 Are Mary's apparitions only for Catholics and can you explain your answer?
October 2008 In simple language: Who is Mary, why do people pray to Mary, and what does she do?
July 2008 Why pray to Mary and how do I reconcile your teachings with Matthew 23:8-12 and Luke 11:27-28?
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