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Questions on The Holy Mass: both Ordo and Tridentine liturgies
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Posting date Questions
January 2012 Why do we have to pay to have a Mass said for someone?
January 2012 Can an Acolyte purify the sacred vessels after Mass?
January 2012 Can a Catholic who is divorced receive Holy Communion?
January 2012 Can there be any other offering by any Catholic priest after Jesus' one offering to the Father?
January 2012 What is a Libera Mass, when is it done, and do the priests have to wear black?
January 2012 Who changed the Sabbath to Sunday and why?
January 2012 Can I receive Holy Communion now or do I have to receive an annulment for my first marriage?
January 2012 If a Catholic marries outside of the Church and it ends in divorce, can they receive Communion?
January 2012 With all the liturgical changes, why not change the Mass's translation and why the New American?
January 2012 Are we obliged to fast one hour before Mass or one hour before receiving the Eucharist?
January 2012 Can you explain Canon 916; Does it mean that if we are in mortal sin we can't go to Mass?
January 2012 Do you know if a Mozart's requiem Mass can be said and, if so, how much it would cost?
January 2012 Are there Church teachings that prevent priests from preaching about sexual ethics or abortion?
January 2012 Can you help me figure out what type of spiritual text this is and if it goes by a different name?
January 2012 Being new, am I permitted to attend the non-Traditional Mass and receive from women servers?
January 2012 What is the Catholic Church's views on shouting in church?
January 2012 What is the purpose of using "I believe" in the Apostles Creed?
January 2012 Is there training for the new Mass responses coming this Advent season?
January 2012 Can my sons, who are altar boys, kneel to receiving the Eucharist when serving at Mass?
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