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Questions on The Holy Mass: both Ordo and Tridentine liturgies
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Posting date Questions
April 2013 What are your thoughts when the priest who celebrates Mass doesn't distribute Holy Communion?
April 2013 Would going to a Greek Orthodox Mass meet my Sunday Obligation to attend Mass?
April 2013 Is it OK for teachers to celebrate the Mass on Holy Days of Obligation when no priest is available?
January 2013 Do you know any site detailing the prohibition on mixing the Novus Ordo and Latin Masses?
January 2013 Why was this change made in the revised Apostles Creed and how do I understand this change?
January 2013 What is the purpose of sponsoring a Mass and why would someone sponsor more than one?
January 2013 Should I attend a Mass celebrated by a priest who has admitted to sexual abuse?
January 2013 If we are worth after receiving a valid Confession to receive the Eucharist, why say this prayer?
January 2013 Is confessing during Mass good enough to receive Holy Communion?
January 2013 Where there is shared custody between my parents, is saying a Rosary for my father enough?
January 2013 Can you explain the differences between the Sunday and weekday prayers and responses?
January 2013 How can I explain the proper way to offer personal intercessory prayers at daily Mass?
January 2013 Why does the Catholic Mass have to be celebrated before 12 o'clock on Sunday?
January 2013 If a person has been baptized and believes in the Eucharist, why can't they receive before RCIA?
January 2013 If my marriage was never recognized do I still need an annulment and can I go to Communion?
January 2013 If the blood of Christ is part of the Eucharist, why is drinking the consecrated wine optional?
August 2012 Can they deny someone the sacraments based on Mass attendance?
August 2012 What did the deacon mean when he said, the pouring of the water into the chalice was symbolic?
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