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Questions on The Holy Mass: both Ordo and Tridentine liturgies
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Posting date Questions
January 2013 If a person has been baptized and believes in the Eucharist, why can't they receive before RCIA?
January 2013 If my marriage was never recognized do I still need an annulment and can I go to Communion?
January 2013 If the blood of Christ is part of the Eucharist, why is drinking the consecrated wine optional?
August 2012 Can they deny someone the sacraments based on Mass attendance?
August 2012 What did the deacon mean when he said, the pouring of the water into the chalice was symbolic?
August 2012 Would I be committing a sin if I took this trip and was not able to attend Mass?
August 2012 Is it a sin to do things on Sunday that lead toward a vocation or calling we have?
August 2012 Why can't my wife received Holy Communion just because we were not married in the Church?
August 2012 When was the Mass codified and when did the Eucharistic become the main prayer of worship?
August 2012 Is there a program (during Sunday Mass) for children?
April 2012 Why do we have to go to Mass every Sunday, when just being a good Christian is enough?
April 2012 What is the correct, reverential posture at Mass during the consecration of the Eucharist?
April 2012 What is the name of the term or doctrine related to the timelessness of the Eucharist at Mass?
April 2012 Are laity allowed to recite Bible passages during any service or is it limited to priests and clergy?
April 2012 Is what the priests doing, during the Institution Narrative of the Mass, a liturgical abuse?
April 2012 Would I be committing a mortal sin in accepting this job, knowing I couldn't attend Mass?
April 2012 Why do Catholics kneel on Sunday when the First Ecumenical Council of Nicaea says to stand?
April 2012 Can my brother still go to the Catholic Church and receive Communion if he has not remarried?
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