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Questions on The Holy Mass: both Ordo and Tridentine liturgies
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Posting date Questions
August 2013 Is it allowable to have a Mass in someone's home?
August 2013 In a disaster what would be the necessary minimum provisions a priest needs for a Mass?
August 2013 Should I worry that my daughter, who is not Catholic, received Holy Communion by accident?
August 2013 Is what her mother said about receiving Communion correct and what do I need to do to join?
August 2013 What if my daughter received First Communion in an Episcopal church but we wish to return
August 2013 Is non-attendance at Mass as bad as murder or is being too tired to go to Mass a mortal sin?
August 2013 Can you tell me why priests don't kindly suggest that noisy children be taken out from the Mass?
August 2013 Can I become a Catholic and go to Mass while still attending the CREC church on Sundays?
August 2013 Why do we say Body of Christ at Communion time instead of Body of Jesus?
August 2013 If I was more tired than I thought and overslept, missing Sunday Mass, did I commit a mortal sin?
August 2013 How can I go to Church without judging, being angry, or having bad thoughts?
August 2013 Can Catholics who marry outside the Church continue to receive Holy Communion?
April 2013 Is it OK to receive Holy Communion with mortal sin on my soul and go to Confession later?
April 2013 What is the current Catholic teaching on withholding Holy Communion from certain people or groups?
April 2013 If they are allowed to receive at our congregation, why can't I receive at their Catholic parish?
April 2013 Why do we as Catholics specifically mention Pontius Pilate and ignore the role Judas or Herod?
April 2013 As I'm beefing up my Catholic education can you help answer some questions on the Mass?
April 2013 When did the Church start allowing the Saturday Vigil Mass to fulfill the Sunday Mass obligation?
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