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Posting date Questions
January 2015 What should I do if I able not able to attend Sunday Mass due to my elderly husband?
January 2015 Despite marital issues, if I am separated and trying to be faithful, why can't I receive Communion?
January 2015 Can a Catholic married to a Lutheran in a Lutheran Church receive Holy Communion at Mass?
August 2014 Do I have to convert to the Catholic faith for my Catholic wife to receive Holy Communion?
August 2014 Am I medically exempt from Mass if I am gravely ill and why can't my parish afford an alternative?
August 2014 What kind of music or hymns are allowed during the Mass and in a Catholic parish?
August 2014 What is the Church's view of priests concelebrating Mass and do they have to say Mass daily?
August 2014 In the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, when does the consecration begin?
August 2014 Can you help me with a proper reply so I can explain the Eucharist in a way she will understand it?
August 2014 What happens when you are required by your place of employment to work on the Sabbath?
August 2014 Is the reception of Holy Communion contingent on the priest's hearing the recipient say "Amen?"
August 2014 Should I attend her ceremony, is this music appropriate for Mass, and what does judge not mean?
April 2014 If we are only helping her boyfriend, is it proper for her to be denied Holy Communion?
April 2014 Is there a non-solemn place where I can express my praise for Jesus since I can't do it at Mass?
April 2014 Did I renounce my right to receive Holy Communion when I got married in a Protestant church?
April 2014 Does my separation and civil divorce, prohibit me from receiving Holy Communion?
April 2014 If an individual is a prisoner of war, can he receive Holy Communion by blessing some bread?
April 2014 If I missed Mass can I still receive Communion or do I have to go to Confession first?
April 2014 Since I received my First Communion during our marriage, can I now receive at Sunday Mass?
April 2014 If I'm a non-Catholic, what procedures and protocols should I observe when I go to Mass?
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