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Posting date Questions
April 2016 What is the large host the priest consecrates during Mass and do you receive extra graces?
April 2016 If I have committed a mortal sin, am I still obliged to go to Mass and receive Holy Communion?
January 2016 Is it a mortal sin where I didn't go to Sunday Mass because I thought I would be late?
January 2016 What should a non-Catholic do who has problems with the social part of attending Mass?
January 2016 Does going to a Saturday morning funeral Mass fulfill my Sunday obligation?
January 2016 Despite this habit, should still receive the Holy Eucharist on Sunday?
January 2016 Having returned, is there anything that I can do in this marital situation to receive Communion?
August 2015 Can an Armenian Orthodox Christian receive Communion in the Catholic Church?
August 2015 If you have missed Mass, is it a mortal sin to receive Communion without going to Confession?
August 2015 Is it sacrilegious to pray a Spiritual Communion with unconfessed serious sin on one's soul?
August 2015 If I have never received my First Communion will I still be able to get married in the Church?
June 2015 Why is the word Mass used to describe or designate the Eucharistic celebration?
June 2015 Isn't this congregation's response to the Mystery of Faith gravely problematic?
June 2015 Am I overreacting to the presence of the dog during morning Mass and should I find a new parish?
June 2015 Is it the practice of the Catholic Church to restrict the Eucharist Table to baptized Catholics?
June 2015 Can Episcopalians who believe in the Real Presence receive Holy Communion at a Catholic Mass?
June 2015 Is my pastor's decision to not have a bilingual Mass acceptable and how do I challenge this?
June 2015 What should a young person do, who wants to go to Church but, whose mother is working all day?
June 2015 What should I do if I work throughout the weekend and have no time for Sunday Mass?
June 2015 How do I become Catholic if I have psychiatric issues that make me very afraid to leave home?
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