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Questions about Purgatory and Indulgences
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Posting date Questions
January 2011 How are we to understand time associated with Purgatory?
January 2011 Why should I pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory and to the saints when this is necromancy?
January 2011 Can you help me find a writing from Pope John Paul II that referenced Purgatory?
January 2011 Can a soul in Purgatory pray for their fellow souls in Purgatory?
January 2011 What are the correct norms for gaining a Plenary indulgence?
August 2010 Do you know where I can find a specific Bible reference that mentions the word 'Purgatory'?
April 2010 What is the Church's view on Purgatory and what does She say about unbaptized infants who die?
April 2010 In the simplest of terms, what is an indulgence?
April 2010 Who goes to Purgatory, why do they go there, how do we know, and how do we pray for them?
April 2010 If my sin is already forgiven, why will I still be punished . . . namely with suffering?
January 2010 What is the truth about Purgatory, Limbo, and indulgences and is there Scriptural proof for them?
January 2010 What does 'Masses for the Dead are requested' mean, what is the procedure, and what's proper?
January 2010 How do I explain indulgences to my non-Catholic friends and parish students?
January 2010 How many indulgences can I receive in a day and do I have to go to Confession to receive them?
September 2009 Why do Catholics pray for the Dead and why don't those who have accepted Jesus go to Heaven?
September 2009 What is Purgatory, why does it only apply to Catholics, and what is the Scriptural basis for this?
February 2009 Why such extreme veneration of Mary calling her Queen and what does cause of salvation mean?
February 2009 Will Purgatory still exist on the Last Day and, if not, what happens to those still not purified?
October 2008 Where can I get books on indulgences and a list of Church indulgences?
October 2008 Will Purgatory end one day and who created microorganisms that cause infectious diseases?
July 2008 Does 1 Peter 1:6-7 refer to Purgatory or the general principle of purification?
July 2008 Are all Christians called to the same grade of sanctity?
April 2008 Why do Catholics go to such extremes to try to get out of Purgatory?
April 2008 Can the Holy Souls in Purgatory pray for me or offer me their prayers?
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