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Posting date Questions
April 2010 Can Catholics eat meat on the Feast Day of St. Joseph though it falls during the Lenten season?
September 2009 What mysteries of the Rosary are prayed during Lent and during the other seasons of the year?
September 2009 Where was Jesus crucified and why do paintings portray Him this way?
September 2009 Has the Vatican ever stated that eating meat on Friday is a mortal sin barring one from Heaven?
May 2009 Where did the practice of not eating meat on days of abstinence come from and why meat?
May 2009 Is there such a thing as a free pass during Lent?
May 2009 About meat during Lent — Is chicken meat or fowl?
May 2009 How do I respond to a critic of Lenten practices who says St. Paul tells us we are free of these?
May 2009 Are these actions appropriate when a priest celebrates his anniversary during Lent?
May 2009 Can you answer questions on the Eucharist, Clement's use of speech, and Good Friday customs?
May 2009 Is this family tradition on Good Friday, Church doctrine or a common custom among Catholics?
May 2009 Did I commit a mortal sin if I didn't realize that Good Friday was a day of fasting?
July 2008 During the season of Lent, am I allowed to snack on pretzels or saltine crackers when I'm fasting?
July 2008 Is playing music during the consecration acceptable and changing the Passion narrative allowed?
July 2008 Does the Church accept non-religious marriages and can you get married during Advent or Lent?
July 2008 If you have given up soda for Lent, which ends on Holy Thursday, can you have it on Good Friday?
April 2005 Is chicken considered a meat or poultry and what do we have to abstain from during Lent?
April 2005 Why isn't fish considered a meat plus don't fish dinners go against the principle of fasting?
April 2005 How should I fast for Lent when I know I cannot go 40 days without food?
November 2003 Can explain why Catholics fast during Lent and can you provide biblical quotes in your answer?
October 2002 How should we fast during Lent and how do we handle those people who ask us if we are fasting?
November 2000 Why do Catholic Christians eat fish on Fridays and what does abstinence from meat mean?
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