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Posting date Questions
January 2010 Is there a problem using a saint recognized by the Orthodox Church in our Catholic prayer group?
September 2009 Why do we pray a 'Novena Rosary' for the Souls our Departed Loved ones for only nine days?
September 2009 What is the purpose and reasoning behind the burial or committal rite and what are they saying?
September 2009 What is the purpose of a Mass card if my mother is already in Heaven?
September 2009 Can you pray to more than one Saint at a time for the same intention?
May 2009 Why doesn't the Church require pure bees wax for candles any more?
May 2009 Can you please suggest a few Catholic house names for our newly built house?
May 2009 Should a Catholic practice charity with his monthly income, and if so, at what percentage? plus . .
May 2009 What happens to Holy Water or the Eucharist when it goes unused?
February 2009 Who is the Patron Saint of Miners and do you know of a Miner's Prayer for Miners?
February 2009 Can you answer questions on the material for Scapulars, the Sign of the Cross, and the Breviary?
February 2009 Though there's no rule, can you guide me on tithing and can I count welfare spending as charity?
February 2009 Can you tell a very interested newbie how to hold and pray the Rosary and how to use the beads?
October 2008 What is the protocol for non-Catholics to bless themselves when entering a Catholic Church?
July 2008 Why is it taboo to name your child Jesus in most of the Christianized world?
September 2006 Who pays for the cost of the hosts and the wine used in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?
June 2005 Can you address the tapping of ones chest, the head dress on women, and the time after death?
November 2003 Where I can find a Vatican document on how to receive Holy Communion?
November 2003 Why don't Born-again Christians make the Sign of the Cross?
October 2002 Why do we make the Sign of the Cross and what does it mean?
November 2000 Why do Catholics have all this ritual, where do they get it all, and is it biblical?
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