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Posting date Questions
April 2011 Is there a Church blessing for an elderly couple who do not want to legally get married but ... ?
January 2011 What does the Church officially say about the Brown Scapular?
January 2011 Can someone tell me what I found and what I should do?
January 2011 When completing a novena to a saint for an on-going problem, is it necessary to continue it?
January 2011 Is it OK to wear the Green Scapular if you are a believing Catholic who is not sick?
August 2010 What is the proper way to make the Sign of the Cross?
August 2010 Can I pray the Rosary or use my iPhone app iRosary, even though I won't be a Catholic until Easter?
April 2010 Does this Cross/Crucifix have any special meaning?
April 2010 As a Catholic, can we use the Hebrew version of the Lord's Name, Yeshua, in prayer?
April 2010 Can you answer questions on the Jubilee year and the Pope's ability to communicate with God?
April 2010 What is a clicker and what does it look like?
April 2010 Where can I find affirmations that internalize God's forgiveness and His desire for my well-being?
April 2010 In and outside Church, what do these actions mean and what prayer is said when people do this?
January 2010 Why do you prefer Mary's Brown Scapular over the Scapulars of other saints that could be worn?
January 2010 Is it okay to pray the Rosary or any novena in front of the Blessed Sacrament?
January 2010 Who writes the novenas?
January 2010 When you attend a veneration of a saint's relic, what reverence and protocol should be followed?
January 2010 Do you know the Christian meaning of the name "Wesley"?
January 2010 Why do we bury our parishioners towards the East?
January 2010 As a reminder of my Catholic grandmother, is it proper for a non-Catholic to own a Rosary?
January 2010 Should we be making or praying to statues or images seeing it appears to make God angry?
January 2010 Does the Church frown upon Muslim names and why give different names at these sacraments?
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