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Posting date Questions
July 2008 Why is St. Anne the patron saint of cabinet makers?
July 2008 Are there requirements for a Saint, do you need to pay for blessings, and why emphasize Mary?
April 2008 Is St. Christopher no longer considered a Saint?
April 2008 Was St. Joseph a widower before he married Mary and did he have children by his first wife?
November 2007 If Mary and the saints are asleep or dead in Christ, as Paul mentions, how can they pray for us?
November 2007 Is it against Church rules to purchase relics and, if not, where can I go to obtain one?
September 2006 What became of St. Joseph after Jesus began His Ministry and where was he at the Crucifixion?
September 2006 Who is the Patron Saint for Amputees?
April 2006 What is the process for becoming a saint and can I pray to someone who is not a saint?
April 2006 Is it OK to pray to Adam and Eve and are they presumed to be in Heaven with the other Saints?
April 2006 Were there female saints who were prostitutes at any time in their lives?
April 2006 Did the Church declare someone a Saint who was really not a Saint?
October 2005 Was St. Augustine of Hippo negroid meaning someone classified as with these attributes?
November 2000 Where is a parish church or monastery honoring St. Apollonia, Patroness of Dentistry?
November 2000 Where are the biblical references and Church teachings for the Communion of Saints?
August 2000 Does anyone have any idea who St. Eleanor is or have any information about her?
August 2000 Can you tell me about St. Luke, the Apostle, covering the most salient points in Catholicism?
August 2000 Is August 13th the feast day of any saint in the Church?
August 2000 Besides (Joachim + Anne) and (Joseph + Our Lady) has the Church declared other couples, saints?
August 2000 Could a canonized saint ever have bypassed Purgatory and gone straight to Heaven?
August 2000 Can someone please help me explain the Communion of Saints to a Protestant?
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