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Posting date Questions
January 2010 Since a repentance with water is not in either text, do you know if John was a Jew or Mandaean?
January 2010 Why aren't holy men and women from the Old Testament declared saints of the Church?
January 2010 When did the Catholic Church and Muslims start the practice of sainthood?
September 2009 How do I interpret the quote 'Truth is declarative being.' from St. Hilary of Poitiers?
September 2009 Are there any other pendants that could give a police officer extra protection?
September 2009 Why does the Catholic Church ascribe sainthood only to deceased individuals?
September 2009 Can you pray to more than one Saint at a time for the same intention?
September 2009 Seeing it is my first name, can you tell me the real meaning of the name Sixtus?
September 2009 Why are Churches named after Mary and the Saints instead of Jesus?
May 2009 How do I find out if a priest was beatified and who can I contact for the biography on my uncle?
February 2009 Could you tell me if Alanna and Alison are Saints and, if so, provide biographical information?
February 2009 Who is the Patron Saint of Miners and do you know of a Miner's Prayer for Miners?
February 2009 Are there special saints for Catholics who have lost their faith?
February 2009 Are the Magi saints?
February 2009 Are there any rules or regulations [do's and don't] in regard to illustrating Catholic saints?
February 2009 Who is the patron saint of missions and what Sister won the Nobel prize for her work in India?
July 2008 Why is St. Anne the patron saint of cabinet makers?
July 2008 Are there requirements for a Saint, do you need to pay for blessings, and why emphasize Mary?
April 2008 Is St. Christopher no longer considered a Saint?
April 2008 Was St. Joseph a widower before he married Mary and did he have children by his first wife?
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