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Posting date Questions
April 2012 Is there a good saint named Julian that I can encourage my grandchild to adopt?
January 2012 Are promises made to Saints supposed to be considered vows?
January 2012 Is there any special treatment done on these incorrupt bodies that preserves their presence?
January 2012 What saint is a protector for Border Patrol Agents?
August 2011 Wouldn't it be painful for those in Heaven to be aware of our trails here on earth?
August 2011 Do you have any information on St. Euthanasius and, up to 1054AD, do we have the same saints?
August 2011 Where can I go to find information about the lesser-known Saints?
January 2011 She is getting terrible feelings so can you recommend a saint or prayer to put her at ease?
January 2011 What is the process for declaring a person a saint?
January 2011 When can someone contemplating entering religious life take their consecrated virgin vows?
January 2011 I have some questions about St. Anne, the mother of Mary.
August 2010 Who actually performs this examination and would the Devil's Advocate participate?
August 2010 Can the miracle take place during their or does it have to take place after their death?
August 2010 What is St. Amant the patron saint of?
August 2010 Do I have to bless these [figurines|statues] in order for them to "work"?
August 2010 What is a Seraphic Doctor?
August 2010 In St .Theresa's the Little Way, what does the phrase, the Carmel, refer to?
April 2010 Can you give me the Latin names for the Twelve Apostles of Jesus?
April 2010 Who is the patron saint of organ transplants?
April 2010 How did the Twelve Apostles die?
April 2010 Is canonization an unbiblical means of judgment and where do the prayers to un-sainted people go?
April 2010 Can you provide me with any information on my Confirmation patron: Pope St. Pontian?
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