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Christian Puno wrote:

Hi, guys —

I'm a proud Catholic and I want to help a friend of mine, along with other Catholic friends, hold on to their faith and the faith of their Church.

One of my friends posted this in his social media account:

  • What is your religion?

My simple answer is that I believe, accept, and respect all religions.

Its goal is just to remind, teach, and show us how to become a better person in the cosmic sense that we are one. We should live peacefully in this existence we call life.

Stop complaining, stop arguing about who's right or wrong. The life that is for you is not the life you are in now. Be awaken and search for truth.

  • Accept your failures and make it your inspiration
  • Make yourself an inspiration for others.
  • Reach out for those who are less fortunate.
  • Help build true friendship and bond to other people.
  • Search for your true path . . . the one that makes you feel that you are in the right course in life.

I want to know our view on this.

Thank you,


  { What is your view on how I reply to this social media post: What is your religion? }

Mike replied:

Dear Christian,

Your friend appears to have been sucked into a moral relativism way of thinking.

Moral Relativism bases all truth on what the individual believes [and/or] feels is true and correct and no one else.

While he may believe certain aspects of Christianity as the basis of his beliefs, those beliefs are not based on Jesus Christ and the Church He founded on St. Peter and his Apostles (the Catholic faith. They are based on his own personal beliefs apart from our faith. Even if some of what he believes is in an agreement with our faith, he is still picking and choosing what he believes.

As a side note: those words: picking and choosing is where we get the word heresy from.

Many non-Christians, Non-Catholic Christians, Catholic Christians and others have been persuaded by a Moral Relativism way of thinking and therefore, have a hard time holding on to their faith.

That said, they have to want to hold on to their faith and work at it. You can help and assist in persuading them about the reasonableness of our Catholic faith but they have to choose to listen and you have to respect their right to not listen. If you need help you can search for answers from our database here:

If they don't' listen, pray for them on a regular basis.

Note: Your friend said:
My simple answer is that I believe, accept, and respect all religions.

The church of satan is a religion.

  • Does he believe, accept, and respect the church of satan?

I hope this helps,


Christian replied:

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your response. I really appreciate it.

I have a variety of friends who have different belief systems or point of views though most of them are Catholics. Sad to say but, in general, some of them [believe/practice] the occult while holding other pantheistic views.

I hope I can reach out to them, share our Catholic Faith, and bring them back home.

God bless,

Christian P.

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