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Michael C. wrote:

Hi, guys —

I once overheard an Evangelical pastor say that he objected to praying to saints and others in Heaven because it would cause them anxiety to receive petitions when Scripture says the saved are at peace.

This strikes me as a childish view of the afterlife in that we are still basically ourselves and still subject to all the stress and worries that we experience on Earth. My sense of Heaven is that being in the presence of God will liberate us from such limitations and free us from a linear view of existence. We will have a different and more complete understanding of reality and context, which would negate any anxiety even if we receive or hear a prayer related to some tragedy that has happened on Earth.

  • Do you have any thoughts on my view or the view of this Evangelical pastor?


  { Do you have thoughts on this Evangelical pastor's view on praying to the saints and Heaven? }

Mike replied:

Hi Michael,

I think you are mainly correct thought there is no anxiety from the saints hearing any prayer.

There is complete joy and happiness for those in Heaven who have worked in faith to please the Lord. If you need help defending this position, search our database for answers to questions that may help.

Use search words like praying to the saints and mary

Also, pray for your Evangelical pastor friend on a regular basis.


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