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OpenMinded wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Do you believe different religious perspectives/Christian denominations affect the way an individual views Secularism?
  • If so, how have these religions/denominations responded to being under a non-religious government?
  • Have they reformed themselves in response to the surrounding secularism or, instead, continued to uphold all of their beliefs and values?
  • Does your religion as a Catholic intertwine with how you see society and the government?
  • Have there been times where your religion strongly conflicted with modern culture and/or the surrounding secularism?

For example, the recent same-sex marriage law vote in Australia.


  { Do you believe different religious perspectives affect the way an individual views Secularism? }

Paul replied:

Dear OpenMinded,

You could fill volumes of books with answering your question. Here's one short answer:

Catholicism values all that is true, good, and beautiful. That is because truth, goodness, and beauty are a reflection of the eternal and infinite essence of God.

Regarding government, as long as civil law does not contradict natural law, there are no problems. The natural law respects human nature and human rights. Since:

  • same-sex marriage is literally impossible if one understandings the true meaning of marriage, and
  • since homosexual acts violate human nature

the Church condemns both.

No one can violate their own human nature and be truly happy. Prenatal homicide (abortion) is another way that the secular world militates against human nature. Killing innocent human beings at any stage of their maturity is always a grave evil.


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