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John wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Does God allow bad things to happen so that He can be glorified and praised when a solution is found?
  • Is He both The Cause and The Cure?

Case in point: The blind man whose sight was restored by Jesus. (Mark 8:22-26)

  • Did God permit the blind man to endure the pain of blindness for many years just for the purpose of the glorification of God?

We really don't know what became of him after the miracle.

  • Does God allow people to suffer just to make a point or prove Himself as the True God?


  { Does God allow bad things to happen so that He can be glorified when a solution is found? }

Bob replied:


Only God truly knows why suffering and evil are allowed, even to basically good people.

Jesus said that miracles could happen to glorify God, but how that all plays out is a mystery. We simply can't grasp what God can. Our brains aren't big enough, but we can trust.

That is the best thing we can do when explanations fall short.


Bob Kirby

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