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Fabio G. wrote:

Hi, guys —

I need help. I'm in high school and I'm nervous that I will get teased or bullied if I pray to my guardian angel and to Saint Michael (that they) protect me.

  • How can I tell if I'm being protected? and
  • How can I get rid of this stress and nervousness?

Please help as I am scared about this issue.


  { How do I know the angels are protecting me and what should do about my fears of being bullied? }

Bob replied:


God loves you and certainly wants you to be safe to learn in school. You must start with this truth. If there are individuals who have bullied you or threaten you or others, you must report them to the school authorities [and/or] the police, in addition to talking to your parents about this.

Bullies are the problem, not you, but they must be corrected. You are not powerless. God has already given you the strength. You must now use it.

If no one has bullied you to this point and you are simply fearful, you must learn to trust and let go of fear. Anxiety can be toxic and causes inordinate stress. Let go and let God.

God never guaranteed any of us absolute physical safety but He did assure us of divine protection for our souls and a great reward in Heaven for perseverance. You ought to focus on how to love your enemies as Jesus would.

Loving them may mean calling them out on bullying. When you know the God of all Justice is behind you, your fear will disappear.


Bob Kirby

Paul replied:


In addition to Bob's very good answer, I would add that if you prayed to your guardian angel with faith, he will protect you from spiritual, and perhaps physical, harm.

If your current anxiety persists, it might be good to share this with your parents. Maybe they can help you with temporary solutions until you are able, with God's grace, to overcome your fears.

Remember, fear is not a failure of any kind but, choosing not to do the right things, in the midst of them, would be.

Pray for peace, and for God to lead you there.


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