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Rebecca Rogers wrote:

Hi, guys —

I love being Catholic and I am devout.

I also hear voices and see angels, demons, spirits, etc. I have been told by my priest not to speak with them. Psychiatric medication does not work to get rid of these symptoms. I have a friend that is training to be a shaman. He says I have a gift and to explore it. This seems and feels wrong and against my Catholic faith.

  • What can I do to stop this?

I pray my Rosary daily. I read my Bible everyday. I spend time with our Lord every day. I pray so much for God to take this from me. I attend Mass regularly.

  • Is this a cross to bear or is it a gift?
  • And if it's a gift, how do I use it without going against the Church?

Thank you,


  { Is this a gift or a cross to bear, how do I stop this, and could a shaman's view on this be correct? }

Bob replied:


If it is a gift, you need a priest to act as a spiritual director to give you objective feedback on discernment. You can't simply trust your own judgement because demons can appear as angels of light and mislead you.

As far as the Shaman goes, stay clear of their advice. He is not Catholic and can mislead you.

Whether this is a blessing or curse will be known by its fruit and your relationship with Christ . . . that is taking your word that there is no evidence of mental illness. So, test everything in light of the faith in Christ (you received) and seek a good spiritual director.


Bob Kirby

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