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Margi Galland wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Can you please clarify if a Catholic should only pray to [God/Jesus]?

Someone told me that I shouldn't be praying to anyone else . . . even the Saints.



  { Someone told me that I should be praying to [God/Jesus] alone, so should I still pray to the saints? }

Bob replied:


You have been talking to a Protestant: someone who rejects many Catholic practices because they generally are very misinformed about Catholic teaching or they are simply anti-Catholic so let's first clear up a few things:

Catholics don't believe Saints are Demi-Gods with their own special powers. They are simply brothers and sisters in the faith who have already walked the walk and understand our struggle. They relate to us and are great pray—ers for us, because they truly love and care about us — because they are Christians!

No one in Heaven is there without Jesus, and they couldn't even hear our prayers if God didn't want them to, but he clearly allows it. See Revelation 5:8 and Revelation 8:3-4. He allows it because He is glorified when His Children love, care, and pray for each other. For God, it's all about family. That's why Jesus gave us all, even Protestants, his mom to be our Mother Check out Jesus on the Cross giving the disciple whom he loved: his mother with the words, Behold, your Mother. (John 19:25-27)

Even when there were no saints in Heaven, Jesus met with Moses and Elijah on mount Tabor (the transfiguration) because He most likely needed a little encouragement for that which He was about to face. That incident shows the deep connection we have to the Hall of Famers in our faith. That is what saints are for us. Our heroes, cheerleaders, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, moms, dads, gardeners, plumbers, and all who:

  • love God
  • live with Him, and
  • are pulling for us to get through this mess we live in.

So, saints are not God, but they are close to him and they are excellent pray—ers, and as James says: the prayers of a righteous us man availeth much. (James 5:16)


Bob Kirby

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