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AfraidToJoin Abraham wrote:

Hi, guys —

For the Order and God, Gloria!!

My name is Abraham and I am a Jordanian. I am 22 years old and moved to the United States a couple of months ago. I have met some people who have asked me to join their organization, DeMolay otherwise known as the Knights Templar.

I am a Catholic and I have served God and his Holy Church all my life and I am afraid that if I joined them I will get involved in anti-Christian or anti-Catholic practices.

  • Can you provide some guidance for me?

I have looked all over the internet to find a direct answer and have found none, so please help me!

Thank you very much!


  { Since I wish to remain a faithful Catholic, is it OK to join DeMolay or the Knight of Templar? }

Bob replied:


From what I found:

The Supreme Military Order of the Jerusalem Temple and this website is a wholly owned ministry of Templar Church. Templar Church is a legally constituted church in the USA and incorporated in the state of New Hampshire.

Templar Church is a non-profit organization and all donations to Templar Church or it’s ministries are tax deductible. Templar Church is an ecumenical, nondenominational church representing both Catholics, Protestants, and Orthodox. Templar Church doesn't replace your local church, it is a missionary church that works with and through your local church to spread the light of Christ.

It is a church (be incorporation) but probably more like a ministry that focuses on particular missions . . . sort of like the Knights of Columbus but more ecumenical.

Unlike the original Templars, it's battle is spiritual, not physical. It does not seem to be a bad thing on the surface, as long as doesn't try to supplant the Catholic faith.

I don't have any personal knowledge of anyone involved so I can't give you direct feedback but proceed with a healthy caution.

Maybe my colleagues will know more.


Bob Kirby

Mike replied:

Dear Abraham —

I would probably be a little more cautious than my colleague Bob, especially in today's modern culture where spiritual issues are so hard to maintain.

I went to the DeMolay web site and listened to a video from their About Us page. While I admire the solid Christian principles I found on their What We Do page that they clearly state they were not joined together by religion.

The requirements for membership are:

  • You are a young man between the ages of ( . . . . . ).
  • You are of good moral character.
  • You believe in a supreme being (all religions welcome)

While this is very good, there is no well-defined spiritual foundation. It also leaves the door open to you being challenged as a faithful Catholic on:

  • your faith and
  • why you believe, what you believe as a Catholic.

  • Do you have the confidence to do this in the public square?

Joining the Knights of Columbus would be a better choice . . . an unmistakably Catholic organization.

This article on New Advent and the two on Wikipedia may give you some more insight.

Hope this helps,


John replied:

Hi, guys —

If no one has mentioned this yet, the Knights Templar eventually became The Masons . . . and from scanning questions and answers on the web, this group also has a similar foundation to the Masons.. Yes, a belief in God . . . but it's up to you what God is.

I would stay away from them. Not that they are bad people but the group is laced with heresy.


Abraham replied:

Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and answer my question.

I have read all your e-mails and I prayed to God for an answer and I wasn't comfortable with it therefore I have decided not to join them for many reasons:

  1. If there is even 1% of information we don't know about them or is misleading, it's not okay for me
  2. If I want to join an organization why don't I join a Catholic one.

    There are many where we can help and volunteer. Since I come from one of the oldest Catholic families around the world and we have helped the Church for many years, I would not want to dishonor Her, especially this year, where we have two cardinals, seven priests, and eight nuns.

I don't how to thank you enough!! You helped many of us.

I pray to God to bless you, protect you and gives you wisdom.

Thanks again!!


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