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John Hendrickson wrote:

Hi, guys —

My question is about annulments.

This is my situation:

I was born and baptized into the Catholic faith. I fell away from the Church as I aged into my teenage years. I was angry at the Church and God for what I perceived (at the time) as a unjust punishment. (I was born with one hand.)

In my mid-20s I met my future wife. I had not been married previously. She, however, had been previously married in the Church. Her first husband was Catholic but the marriage was abusive . . . to the extreme.

When we married, I was not active in the faith, nor was she. As many do, I felt the pull of the Church as I aged . . . especially when I saw the faith of my step-daughter blossom.

I have now returned to the Church in force however my wife has no interest in returning. She is even less interested in seeking an annulment from her previous marriage.

  • Is there anything that I can do to receive Communion?

Living as brother and sister is not an option and divorce can't be the answer.

I feel so stuck.


  { Having returned, is there anything that I can do in this marital situation to receive Communion? }

Fr. Jonathan replied:

Dear John,

There is really only one current solution with one future hope.

It would be for your wife to go for an annulment. You say she won't, but maybe she would for you and your daughter.

For what it is worth, it doesn't sound like a difficult one.

Your other hope is the Synod in October. No one knows what is going to happen but there are many bishops in the world trying to help people in your situation.

Sorry I don't have a easy solution.

Fr. Jonathan

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