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Cheyenne wrote:

Hi, guys —

I had a question about a tattoo I was thinking about getting. I am Catholic and I'm pretty familiar with all of the Catholic beliefs but I wasn't sure about this one.

I was thinking about getting a tattoo of the Hamsa Hand but I'm not sure if its against the Catholic faith or not. I know its a form of symbolism and I think that would be against my faith but I also have heard it is supposed to be Jesus' mother Mary's hand and so it wouldn't be considered worshiping another God.

I'm not sure whether the Hand:

  • is a Christian symbol, or
  • if it has meanings related to worshiping other things

It would help me out a lot if anyone could clarify whether this symbol is accepted by the Catholic faith or not.



  { Would getting a tattoo of the Hamsa Hand be accepted by the Catholic Church? }

Mike replied:

Dear Cheyenne,

After reading Michelle's answer below from Catholic Answers I would conclude that whether we are dealing with superstition or something demonic, the Hamsa Hand should not be seen as accepted by the Catholic Faith.

Below is an answer I found from Catholic Answers on the EWTN web site:

Question from Louise on 6/12/2013:

My church had a yard sale last weekend, from which I found and purchased a hamsa.

  • Is something like this all right to wear or have in the house?

I showed it to my priest and had him bless it after Mass and he didn't say that there was anything wrong with it however I brought it to a Life in the Spirit meeting, and they said it was evil and should be disposed of. I'm not superstitious, but I definitely don't want to have something in the house that might be demonic.

  • It's also a blessed object now, so would that make it okay to have, or should I still get rid of it?

Please help.

Answer by Catholic Answers on 6/12/2013:

Louise —

I don't know what Life in the Spirit is, but I'm afraid your friends there are mistaken. It is an Arabic symbol popular throughout the Middle East.

Muslims call it the hand of Fatimah (for Muhammad's favorite daughter, Fatimah Zahra); Jews who adopted the symbol renamed it the hand of Miriam (for the sister of Moses and Aaron).

The purpose of the hamsa was as a talisman against the evil eye. Using the hamsa for that purpose is superstitious but it may simply be considered a pretty symbol, with no more intrinsic belief in its protective properties than the average Westerner gives to a rabbit's foot attached to his key chain.

Michelle Arnold from Catholic Answers


I hope this helps,


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