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John Scully wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am a Catholic who divorced and remarried. My first wife is now deceased.

  • What is my status in the eyes of the Church?

Thank you,

John Scully

  { What if a Catholic man has been divorced and remarried but whose first wife is now deceased? }

Paul replied:

Dear John,

Since marriage, by its nature, is indissoluble until death do you part, you are now free to marry.

My Catholic advice is to stop cohabitating with the woman that is your civil spouse and go make a sincere sacramental Confession before petitioning the Church to validate your marriage.

If that is impossible for practical reasons, then live as brother and sister in your dwelling place until after your marriage becomes valid.

Please make an appointment to see your parish priest about all this as soon as you can.



John replied:

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your answer. I am sure it is a correct answer according to Catholic doctrine but it is an unreasonable answer for a person who has been married 30 years to the same person.

In this day of enlightenment and the Church almost blatantly advertising for Catholic's To come home, it strikes me as odd that the Church makes it more difficult.

I miss the Church but I found Christ to exist in many different faiths, one of which I will most certainly choose.

God bless and thanks for your time.


Mike replied:

Hi John,

You said in reply to Paul’s answer:
In this day of enlightenment and the Church almost blatantly advertising for Catholic's To come home, it strikes me as odd that the Church makes it more difficult.

If you can suggest an easier solution that makes any problem less difficult [while still adhering to the Teachings of the only Church Jesus founded], I’m sure She would be open to hearing your suggestions.

I also hope you understand that the Church cannot deviate from Her teachings.


John replied:

Thank you for the reply Mike.

I can handle the marriage situation.

As for me, just me, am I able to receive the sacraments after Confession until my wife and I work out the marriage situation.



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