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StudentLookingForAnswers wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am a student current studying the Catholic Church, in particular, its opinion and stance on abortion.

Although this is an intense topic, I would appreciate any opinions, beliefs, feelings, or stances on the topic and the background to them by either explaining the doctrine or personal aspects.



  { Can you provide any opinions, beliefs, feelings, or stances on the topic of abortion for my study? }

Paul replied:

Dear StudentLookingForAnswers,

First, the Catholic Church does not have opinions on matters of faith and morals, it has doctrines. Her doctrine on abortion is based on two very simple facts, one scientific, the other moral:

  • Biological fact: An individual living, growing human being, distinct from his or her mother with his or her own:
    • DNA
    • genetic material, and
    • sex

    begins at the moment of conception. All that is different from you, at that moment, and you, now, is growth and maturity.

  • Moral fact: Intentionally killing an innocent human being at any stage of life is the definition of murder, and can never be done.

Since abortion is intentionally killing an innocent human being at the beginning of his or her life, it is a moral crime that can never be committed, regardless of the circumstances.



Mike replied:

Dear StudentLookingForAnswers,

I have some views and opinions that are in line with the Church’s teachings on this life and death issue.

My commentary, along with other commentaries, are under Mike’s Theology Corner.

This specific commentary deals with how pro-abortion advocates are using phony language in their arguments.

I’m a faithful Catholic and I am both pro-life and pro-choice. Read how:


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