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Rachel wrote:

Hi, guys —

My husband and I are devout Christians but we are not Catholic. There is nothing like previous marriages or unrepentant sin that is keeping us from joining. We are also not in any disagreement with direct Gospel-centered issues.

Our children go to Catholic school, (why not?, I would love for there to be more unity), and my husband really wants our children to receive their First Communion with his class.

  • Can we do this?

Our views on Holy Communion are not incongruous with the Catholic view. We take the sacraments very seriously and want our son to learn about Holy Communion during his class.
We have already discussed this with him.

P.S.: In case you are wondering why on earth a Protestant couple would send kids to a Catholic school, there are a number of reasons we chose the school, not the least of which was that it is Gospel-centered.

Thank you in advance!


  { Can our children receive Communion with my husband's RCIA class though they aren't Catholic? }

Bob replied:


  • Have you considered that God may be calling your family to become Catholic?

Sounds like there is a draw that may be coming from the Lord.

If your son is already baptized, he would need to be received into the Church before he is able to receive the sacrament of the Eucharist. Normally, this happens through a formal ceremony at the Easter Vigil along with other RCIA candidates. Talk to your school's associated priest for other options.

  • Why not have your whole family receive Communion together when you all become Catholic?

The Eucharist is a sign of unity along with being the actual Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Our Lord.

It is for this reason that the invitation is not extended to those who are separated brethren. It would become a false sign though, under grave circumstances, it is given to those who share the same belief about the Eucharist.

Think about it. You would be a blessing to all of the Church.


Bob Kirby

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