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Guillermo wrote:

Hi, guys —

I have a few questions.

  • Why does it seem that the Crucifixion of Jesus is more important for the Church than His Resurrection?
  • Why are there more images of the Crucifixion in churches than of the Resurrection?

Thank you in advance.


  { Why does it seem that the Crucifixion is more important for the Church than the Resurrection? }

Paul replied:


St. Paul says that if Christ isn't risen from the dead then our entire faith is in vain. (1 Corinthians 15:17) That's because Christ came to conquer the greatest of all consequences of sin: death — and paved the way for us to share in that conquering.

Having said that, although Easter is primary in importance, Good Friday is primary in time sequence. There is no Easter without first Good Friday and there is no glory without first suffering.

Perhaps one reason the Church lifts up Good Friday as she does is because in our fallen state we seek Easter while trying to avoid Good Friday in our lives. It turns into a religion of God did everything so we don't have to do anything mentality.

We constantly need to be reminded of two things:

  1. the evil that sin is which correlates with the great self-sacrifice Christ offered on our behalf, as well as
  2. the fact that our cooperation with His Sacrifice is needed for our salvation.

Without taking up our crosses, we do not share in Christ's victory. Therefore, the Crucifixion continuously reminds us of the depth of God's Love and the seriousness of our response to it and since the Church is here for one main reason, our salvation, it is very important to be reminded of the Crucifixion and in doing so the depth of God's Love for us.



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