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Suffering Sandy looking for support wrote:

Hi, guys —

I was advised by my parish priest to not return to Holy Communion until I was able to repair my marriage. I was going through a divorce and seeking guidance. The separation happened when my now ex-husband told me he was leaving.

Out of the blue, he left me and two young boys after 21 years of marriage. I was lost! I was literally unable to move forward. I spent time in bed and didn't need to think about anything until the kids came home that day. My faith is strong. I love God! We attempted couple's counseling until he could no longer make the appointments — three times — due to his work schedule.

That is when I asked my parish priest for help. He told me I had to repair my marriage and I was not welcome to receive Holy Communion until I did so.

  • What?
  • Where did my support system go?

I cannot believe I am not welcome to receive Holy Communion or attend Mass. I want to go to church! and so do my kids! but I don't feel welcome at that parish.


  { Despite marital issues, if I am separated and trying to be faithful, why can't I receive Communion? }

Fr. Jonathan replied:


The priest has given you incorrect advice. You are not divorced and remarried, you are simply separated and trying to live a faithful life.

From the facts that you gave us, you are not banned from Holy Communion.

I would report this priest to his superior if I were you, as he has no right to turn you away from Holy Communion (again, based on the facts you gave us).

Fr. Jonathan

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