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David Mason wrote:

Hi, guys —

A non-practicing Catholic with his girl-friend will be visiting me. They will probably want to sleep together in my home. I don't approve of this. They are adults (in their 60's) and I don't want to use coercion. On the other hand, I don't want to be a party of implicitly endorsing their immorality.

  • What should my attitude and behavior be?


  { What should my attitude and behavior be if I don't approve but don't want to be coercive? }

Mike replied:

Hi Dave,

Just keep it simple and obvious. It is your home; not theirs. Therefore, you have the right as the owner to lay down whatever moral principles are important to you.

Sure, they will probably complain and give all types of false reasons why their behavior is OK but just turn the tables and ask them:

  • Would either of them allow someone or some group into their habitation to do something that they did not approve of?
  • Do you really think they would say, Yes?

I hope this helps,


Paul replied:


My take on this is that you can offer them two separate rooms for sleeping, but you must refuse their request for one room. By allowing single people a place to sleep as husband and wife in our homes we cooperate with evil, and hence commit serious sin.



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