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John Doe wrote:

Hi, guys —

My estranged spouse confessed to me her lust for her school kids who were mainly female school kids.

She is a Catholic School Art teacher at a very popular high school. She told me that she has committed a number of crimes and when I told her that I was going to go to the police or the (DA) District Attorney's office, she, along with some of her associates, staged a very good cover-up.

As a result, the people in Catholic authority either do not know about this or have been deceived.

I am concerned about her returning to work this year since she has not faced any consequences for her behavior.

  • Can you provide me suggestions?

John Doe

  { What can you suggest if I know my estranged spouse has committed unreported, sexual crimes? }

Mike replied:

Dear John,

Just by what you have told us, you should act right away before people get hurt on this situation.

Talk to your local pastor or priest and use their guidance. That way, all the nuances of your unique situation would be covered.

That is the best I can do.



John replied:

Thanks Mike,

I am just going back through old e-mails and I'm beside myself.

The amount of people who have ignored all the facts and reasons and have kept their kids in danger is staggering. There are easily over 200 people in total and she and her criminals have names and addresses. Their cover-up is obvious to anyone . . . really.

Thanks for responding again.


Bob replied:

Dear friend,

Take whatever evidence you have to the police. If the church responded inadequately, you must not let it go; children are at risk.


Bob Kirby

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